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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Affordable Wireless Broadband: EVDO Soft Launch By WorldCall !!!

WorldCall has started EVDO service from Karachi. The solution uses a USB modem (or a wireless router – if thats what you prefer) and enables wireless broadband services for laptops. This is being offered at very competitive rates by WordCall. Thanks to Faraz at WorldCall for sharing the information at Telecom Grid. Quoting the thread:

There’s no cap on downloads. Below is the tariff – for shared connections:

256 Kbps 1200/-
512 Kbps 1800/-
1 Mbps 2500/-

Device is ADU-510A, cost Rs. 4500.

Service is currently available in Karachi with plans of expanding it to Lahore soon.

Worldcall EVDO Router

WorldCall Wireless Router also available for corporate solution, image is attached.

You can connect 253 wireless connections with this device….. Wifi and WAN
options are available along with 4 LAN connections

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