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Friday, May 22, 2009

Girls Fashion !!!

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Hair Style.

Traditions of the North Pakistan.

Following the well attended Sindh festival now comes in the Karakoram festival which was not only entertaining but informative to the residents of Karachi. You! takes a look at the five day long festivities...

Each and every country has its own distinctive culture. Many countries have cultural diversity within the nations distinguishing from neighboring states. The strength of a nation, particularly a nation like Pakistan lies in its culture, traditions and ethnicity, differentiating one province from another. Sadly the people living in this country themselves are deprived of the richness of various existing cultures that need to be accepted, respected and promoted. This is not only about the economics of tourism the knowledge of the very concept brings in a collective sense of pride to the nation.

The best way to know and enjoy any culture is to experience it first-hand in its environment but for the ones who can't, it is surely a blessing to have different events and festivals promoting our traditional background.

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