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Monday, June 1, 2009

Project of Barrages in Pakistan:

Federal-B-Area, Karachi: The Best Planned Localities of Pakistan

This is the fourth part of our series on best planned neighborhoods of Pakistan. We have so far covered Eight bazaars of Faisalabad, North Nazimabad, Karachi and Model Town, Lahore in this series. Today we are going back to Karachi and will give you an introduction of Federal-B-Area which is definitely among the best planned localities of Pakistan.

The town planning of Federal-B-Area dates back to 1950s when Karachi was still the capital of Pakistan and many new neighborhoods were getting built up to house the employees of the Federal Governemnt. The present day neighborhoods of North Nazimabad, Federal Capital (FC) Area and Federal-B-Area were all part of this vision to give Karachi a well planned capital city infrastructure. While North Nazimabad was laid out by Italian town planners, I am unable to research who did the planning for Federal-B-Area. Reader’s help is sought here.

Guddu Barrage.



Finish: December 1996
Client: Punjab Provincial Highway Division
Contractor: Ghulam Rasool & Company (Pvt) Ltd.
Project Value: PKR 24 Million (US$ 1.0 Million)


kotri barrage

Section of the Sukkur Barrage irrigation project, on the Indus River, Pakistan.

Taunsa Barrage Rehabilitation and Moderanization

Client Name & Owner: Project Management Office (PMO), Irrigation & Power Department (I&P)
Location: Pakistan
Description of Works: Civil works for rehabilitation of irrigation barrage:
  • Construction of subsidiary weir at downstream.
  • Grouting of Joints of Mass Concrete, removal of existing shattered skin and laying of about 3 ft. thick concrete overlay with nominal reinforcement.
  • Construction of Silt Excluder in the right pocket of barrage.
  • Raising of crest of Head Regulator of D.G Khan canal.
  • Provision of filter and pressure release pipes.
Man-hours: 6.5 million
Peak manpower : 1200
Completion : May 2007

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